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National Approved Premises Association

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National Approved Premises Association -

The association for Approved Premises providers

As a national voluntary organisation, NAPA acts as a consortium that brings together all voluntary and probation managed Approved Premises (formerly known as the National Association of Probation and Bail Hostels), in furtherance of the work they do in providing these community based residential facilities.

NAPA has been involved in the support and development of approved residential provision for offenders since 1942, working in partnership with government and a wide range of organisations that are actively involved in the provision of approved residential premises.

We Aim To:

Deliver a range of services and functions that support and assist the work of our membership by contributing to the achievement of best practice, consistency and high quality service delivery across the whole Approved Premises sector.

We particularly seek to:

  • Influence - policy and practice to achieve both the best use of Approved Premises and the highest standards of practice in the work they undertake.
  • Work in Positive Partnership - with approved premises, managing bodies, the Ministry of Justice, The National Offender Management Service (NOMS), and other relevant agencies
  • Represent - employer perspectives relating to the provision of Approved Premises and the staff that work in them.
  • Disseminate information on practice and policy developments and opportunities
  • Promote understanding of the work of Approved Premises; the development of quality standards; appropriate levels of resourcing; and best use of all Approved premises
  • Contribute to - the identification of training and staff development needs; the provision of training; and the sharing of good practice.

Membership of the association is comprised of every voluntary or probation managed Approved Premises in England & Wales
Please Note:
We are not an accommodation agency, and we are not able to arrange specific placements in Approved Premises.

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